The blades of the origin LAGUIOLES had been traditionaly forged, such as it is done nowadays again in the manufactory of the FORGE DE LAGUIOLE.

The glowing blade slugs are forged by a pressure of 300 to. After this is done the steel is tempered (glow treatment) cooled down and hardned with water or oil. In this forging steps the steel receives its shape and the destinated molecular struc- ture.

But in this stage the steel is still so hard and brittle that you cannot use it as a blade-steel. Through making it glowing again, the steel looses parts of its hardness and the destinated quality of the blade is reached: Temper and elasticity, easy to be resharpen but also high cut quality.

At the end the blades will be cleaned and polished or satined by manual labour and then in the last stage when the LAGUIOLE is already assembled the blades will be fine sharpend.

Assemble and Finish 


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